How To Prepare A Captivating Dissertation Proposal Defense

Just when you think that your PhD paper is over, you find a defense that you must pass. While a lot of work goes into drafting the paper, you must equally prepare for defense because it determines whether your topic is approved or not. Dissertation proposal defense presentation is made in front of the committee to give them an idea of your understanding of the topic you intend to pursue. Your performance during the presentation will determine whether it is approved. You will either be sent back to rework on the topic or get approval.

Here are dissertation proposal defense tips to consider when preparing for the presentation.

Understand Your Paper Thoroughly

There is no room for stammering or appearing doubtful about your topic or the issues you intend to discuss. The panel and audience watching your presentation will call you out leading to dismissal. The panel assumes that the words and ideas you are giving during your dissertation proposal defense presentation are yours. You must therefore understand them inside-out. Even when you have had a helper in choosing a topic or crafting the proposal, you need to acquaint yourself with the details of the proposal. If the panel doubts your understanding, you will be sent off.

Consult Your Supervisor

You have a guide in the name of a supervisor. The supervisor understands your vision and is tasked with guiding you through the entire PhD journey. Discuss with him on how to present a dissertation proposal defense and what to expect. Supervisors have sat through numerous defense presentations. They know what is expected and will therefore guide you accordingly. You will also work with the supervisor to rehearse the presentation before you make the real one in front of the committee.

Do Not Memorize Anything

Defense presentations are lengthy and cover all aspects of your paper. The dissertation proposal defense questions asked by the panel or those in attendance can come from any section of your paper. Since they are random, it is impossible to capture them when you memorize. The best approach is to understand what is contained in your paper. This prepares you to handle any question asked.

Attend Presentations by Other People

Attend defense presentations by other people to get an idea of what is expected. The presentations are in front of a dissertation proposal defense committee similar to what you will find. Learn how they behave and how to answer questions. You will be prepared when it is time to make your presentation.

Since the presentation is verbal, you need to feel good about it. Prepare your dissertation proposal defense powerpoint slides in advance and run a mock presentation before the actual presentation. Record the presentation and review it later. In case you have a question, your supervisor will answer and guide you on what is required.