How To Give The Best Dissertation Defense Presentation

Making a dissertation defense presentation can be quite intimidating especially to beginners. Even if you have effectively mastered the topic and content of your dissertation beforehand, putting up a strong defense for it in front of a committee may not be easy. The committee will cross examine you on various aspects of your research. Therefore, it is important that you are well prepared to clear all their doubts.

There are numerous factors to consider when preparing for a dissertation defense. Here are some of the main aspects that you should emphasize on to be successful.

Avoid overdoing the slides

The presentation of your dissertation defense should give the audience sufficient content to clearly understand what is addressed in the study. Dissertation defense PowerPoint document is always great for offering visual aid to support theoretical explanations. But, you should be keen to make sure that your slides do not repeat the same information with what you communicate verbally.

These slides mainly serve as supplementary materials to guide you and the audience on what to address in every section of the defense. Therefore, they should basically give a summary of the larger dissertation. Use bullet points and short texts, preferably five to six bullets for every slide.

Understand the focus of the presentation

The focus of dissertation defense presentations usually varies from one type of defense to another. For instance, a proposal defense presentation covers background information, statement of the problem, purpose statement, dissertation defense questions, hypothesis, theoretical framework and the methodological approach.

While the final presentation can also touch on all aspects of a paper, it mainly covers the limitations of the study, results of data analysis, how the findings are interpreted and recommendations of the author. Additionally, the final PhD dissertation defense could also highlight the implications of the research while pointing to the future.

Practice proper verbal communication

Although there are additional materials that you can be allowed to use when making a presentation for dissertation defense, the greater part of the presentation will require you to verbally explain the content. Some may feel tempted to write a script to read from when making the presentation. However, this will only create a distraction and confusion.

While it is important to craft a few notes for reference during the presentation of your doctoral dissertation defense, they should only be used to give directions and not read word for word. Take time to practice the art of verbal presentation beforehand so you do not end up suffering humiliation in front of the committee.

These guidelines can always come in handy during dissertation defense presentations. However, they might not be enough for some students. For better preparations, it is advisable that you also do a little research on more dissertation defense tips.